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Leadership and Team

Dr. Rony Halman


Founder and CEO of Halman-Aldubi Technologies


Founder of the Israeli pension association, and of the Israeli & Cypriot oil and gas associations

Establisher of the Israeli sovereign wealth fund for future generations


Dr. Eyal Hulata

Chairman of Halman-Aldubi Technologies

Former Israel's National Security Advisor

Served for more than 20 years in the Israeli intelligence establishment, of which a decade in senior executive roles

Dr. Zvi Marom

Shareholder and Advisor to the company from his rich experience and multiple connections in the field of climate and sustainability food startups

Founder and CEO of BATM (traded on the main list of London stock exchange) who owns Celitron
Former chairman of Israeli high-tech association

Regina Katz

Economist of Halman-Aldubi Group

B.A. in economics and management, M.A in legal studies

Works in the Halman-Aldubi Group for over 10 years, experience in leading innovative projects and building financial models


Juliane Schubert

Business Development Specialist

Active in the energy, climate and food-tech sectors

Responsible for cooperation with a variety of entities, including the UN agencies


Inbal Kohn

Project Analyst

B.Sc. in Marine Biotechnology


Analysis and research for project development and optimization

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