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Halman-Aldubi Technologies

Halman-Aldubi Technologies (HAT), the innovation arm of the group, harnesses innovative technologies to develop and deliver A-Z climate and food-tech solutions and presents a full-scale solution for sustainable food, carbon sequestration and methane mitigation, without the need for fresh water and agricultural land

HAT has integrated some of the most innovative and efficient technologies available on the market to deliver sustainable food solutions that address the SDGs also through substantial environmental benefits, through carbon sequestration to combat climate change.

Multiple technologies which are already working on an industrial scale are combined for an all-round solution.

Halman-Aldubi Group

Halman-Aldubi Group served 500,000 clients with $20 billion AUM
in Finance, Energy, Climate, Real-Estate, Food-Tech & Technologies


The group established and lead the Israeli Pension Association,
which broke the Israeli insurance cartel in 2019 and increased future pensions by 30%

The group established and lead the Israeli Gas Association,
which transformed Israel’s electricity market from imported coal to local natural gas

HAT's Main Targets


Hunger & Food Insicurity

High Nutritional Sustainable Food for One Billion People Without using Fresh Water and Agricultural Land 
and by making Zero Waste from Waste

Mitigate and Capture
Greenhouse Gases

Our blue carbon solution has been researched to sequester substantial amounts of carbon, up to 70 million tons annually

Our industry-leading technologies can take 100% of waste, re-valorize it and mitigate methane emissions

​Turn North Africa
to an Economic Hub

Turn North Africa from an importer of food to a food exporter

Providing jobs for up to hundreds of thousands of inhabitants

HAT's Vision

To make North Africa Food Sustainable
To be the Largest Carbon Sequester

All without Water and without Land

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