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Halman-Aldubi Technologies

Sustainable Food Production

without fresh water and without agricultural land

Halman-Aldubi Group achieved 500,000 clients and 20 billion $AUM in finance, energy, climate, real-estate and technology. The group established the Israeli pension association and the Israeli & Cypriot natural gas associations


Halman-Aldubi Technologies, the innovation arm of the group, harnesses innovative technologies to develop and deliver A-Z climate and food-tech solutions and presents a full-scale solution for sustainable food, carbon sequestration and methane mitigation, without the need for fresh water and agricultural land

HAT's Main Targets


Hunger & Food Insecurity

Mitigate and Capture
Greenhouse Gases

​Turn North Africa
to an Economic Hub

All without Water and without Land

Innovative Technologies

Ulva Algae

Cultivating arid-adapted seaweed optimized with patented technology for enhanced protein, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins

Provides full separation of organic material from non-organic material, where even the remains can be used as BSF larvae feed

Organic Food Seperation

BSF Larvae

Black Soldier Fly larvae contain up to 60% protein, up to 35% lipids, have an amino acid profile similar to fishmeal, grow 8000 times its protein weight and are certified by the European Union

Rendering Technology

Rendering slaughterhouse waste or BSFL into high-quality 65% pure protein powder and 99% pure oil that can be used for animal feed industry with the highest European Union certificates

The Sahara Aquaculture Projects

Rendering Technology

The Sahara Aquaculture Projects
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Rendering Technology in the Philippines
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Our projects are supported by various UN organizations (UNCCD, UNFCCC, FAO),

The European Union (EU) and National Governments (Switzerland, Israel and MENA countries)

Contact Us

​2 Derech David Ben Gurion, Ramat Gan, Israel

+972-3-6000281 / +972-52-5446681

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